Legal Advice - Stop Signs


Stops signs are a command.  They are not a suggestion or recommendation.  Now comes the free legal advice part.  STOP! 


You will discover at least three good reasons for coming to a complete stop at every stop sign and stop light each time you come to one.  The first, is that you will be able to bask in that magic moment at the intersection and savor how clever you were to have been able to avoid having that yahoo drive his racing Dodge Neon (with rear wing and dash mounted fire extinguisher) into the front seat of your car.  Second, you will find that not stopping at stop signs and/or running yellow lights will cause you to have multiple interesting conversations with law enforcement officers who will take that opportunity to vigorously search every nook and cranny of your car.  As some of the readers of this note are aware, a vigorous search of the nooks and crannies of your car will ultimately result in a vigorous search of your nooks and crannies.  Finally, you will be able to avoid that sick nauseous feeling that comes to you in an intersection when you finally realize that you have killed someone with your car.


Forget the high ticket costs, the points on your driver’s license, the ultimate drivers license suspensions and the astronomical insurance costs you will incur for failing to come to a complete and obvious stop at stop signs and stop lights, just imagine the potential jail time.  Stop sign enforcement is becoming the new political traffic issue.  The same politicians that brought us mandatory drivers license suspensions for shoplifting and possession of marijuana are about to bring you jail time and drivers license suspensions for stop sign violations.  Regardless of what you think about drivers license suspensions for shoplifting, you will find that there is wide support for severe penalties for stop sign violations.  Don’t forget, failing to stop with your front bumper directly over the stop bar or parallel with the stop sign is just as much of a stop sign violation as blowing strait through it.